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55 Hair Transplantabout us

55 Hair Transplant It continues its operations in an A++ and JCI certified hospital environment, which applies the most up-to-date technologies in hair transplantation, has visitors from all over the world, global recognition and high service quality with more than 10 years of experience.

55 Hair Transplant in Hair Transplantation

Patients undergoing hair transplantation are under the control of a doctor until the last root is placed. The collected roots are kept in special solutions used in organ transplantation to extend their life span. The human eye considers hair above the frequency of 16 hairs per square centimeter.

Underneath, his hair is sparse. Physicians at 55 Hair calculate the proportion that will show the person with hair with a high engineering and mathematical plan. It is collected semi-micromotor and semi-manually without damaging the grafts taken from the donor site. While determining the front line line, it is planned by the physician with an artistic eye, taking into account the age and social status of the person. Channel opening, which is the artistic and artistic part of the work, is opened by physicians who are members of the hair surgery association.

Planning made in the thickness and direction of the person's hair follicle guarantees a natural appearance 100%. From the moment you enter 55 Hair, you are under protection against infectious diseases and complications. 55 Hair guarantees the success of every attempt it makes.

Recommended Hair Transplantation Center

Strengthening its experience in the health sector with its expert doctor staff and health personnel, 55 Hair has become a reliable brand throughout the world.

It continues to make a difference with the best doctors in the field of hair transplantation and medical aesthetics by incorporating the latest technological devices. 55 Hair, which applies the techniques and methods accepted by the international hair surgery association, together with the latest technological devices, has made it a major in hair transplantation.

It has reached international standards after analyzing the skin structure with technological devices and the treatment methods, which it carries out its R & D studies in its laboratories.

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