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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation, Painless hair transplantation is performed with microsurgical procedures known as the FUE method. Thanks to this method, the doctor applies local anesthesia with medical devices with a special tool at the end. It takes your hair follicles that are resistant to shedding. At this time, the motor used to remove the hair follicles is taken to low speed.

Recovery Time

The recovery period is very short, as procedures such as painless hair transplantation are performed without any incisions on the scalp. After this application, which does not require any stitches, crusting occurs on the scalp. However, it takes a short time for the crusts to shed. The patient can be discharged the day after the application. It should be ensured that the areas where hair transplantation and hair follicles are taken (i.e. the donor area and the recipient area) are not in contact with the sun and are not exposed to excessive heat for a few times.

Thus, the comfort level of the application increases. Then the necessary channels for hair transplantation are opened. Hair follicles are planted in sparse areas that are anesthetized with local anesthesia. In this way, painless hair transplantation is performed to the patient. This method is preferred frequently because it is convenient for everyone. Physicians perform this procedure in their clinics without difficulty. However, an important issue that individuals who will have the procedure should pay attention to is the compliance of these clinics with the procedures of the Ministry of Health. It is important for your health to have the procedure performed in clinics that comply with these procedures.

Benefits of Painless Hair Transplantation

  • During hair transplantation, the patient has nothing to fear.

  • The risk of infection is minimized.

  • It is a convenient application.

  • The patient can return to work the day after the application.

  • The patient's hair looks natural.

  • After it grows back, your hair does not fall out.

  • Painless hair transplantation has proven results.

  • Your sparse areas are completely covered with hair. When your hair grows back, it becomes full and healthy.

  • Painless hair transplantation can be applied to patients of all ages and genders.

  • After the application, the patient looks younger and more confident.

Thanks to these and similar benefits, patients will regain their old appearance after hair transplantation. This period may vary depending on the transactions and sessions. Finally, after a while, people will see the results of their hair transplant applications.

The aim of hair transplantation with painless hair transplantation method is to give healthy and natural hair to people who have hair loss or hair problems for various reasons, in a comfortable way and with modern medical applications. Today, about fifty percent of all men over the age of fifty suffer from hair loss.

For this reason, painless hair transplantation is the most preferred type of application in the cosmetic field for men. Hair loss can be seen in both men and women due to genetics, traumatic injuries, aging, various medical conditions, and if there are enough hair follicles to be collected, hair transplantation is performed for any reason. Hair transplantation can be done not only on the head, but also on other areas with insufficient hair such as beard, eyebrows and mustache. Doctors basically aim to perform these painless procedures with comfort for the customers.

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